Best Friends

Today we went to a birthday party. I don’t need to say it was a kid’s birthday party because, come on, that’s the only type these days amiright? Anyway, I bring Ollie to pick out a present. What does he like? “Dump trucks and excavators and cars, mama!” I am not sure he gets my …


Ascher is Walking!

So I lost my bet that he’d be walking before his first birthday. But he was close. 12 months 2 weeks and he’s finally walking on his own. It’s funny seeing the steps of growing independence, from not wanting to walk at all to walking while holding both hands to only holding with one hand to taking …


No more boobies 

Today is D-day, as in Don’t touch my boobs Day, as in we are officially in weaning territory.  And as with much of everything that defines these two brothers, Ascher was really not happy when he realized he wasn’t getting the boob in the morning. Meanwhile, Ollie couldn’t care less when I cut him off.  …


Lazy walker

So I’ve tried to “encourage” Ascher to walk, by getting him to stand and then letting go and scooting away to get him to walk towards me. But this guy, he knows what he likes. And when he’s not interested, there’s no pushing. So when I try to help him, he just drops to the …


Nap for two

Yesterday, we had just too much to do, so we pushed Ascher and disregarded his nap schedule. So some dim sum and a quick 10 min catnap in the car and some errands and a trip to the park later, we finally made it home. This meant that by the time it was Ollie’s nap time …


Nap time 

We messed with Ascher’s usual nap time since we were out and about. A 10 min catnap in the car and several errands later, we somehow managed to get them in bed for a nap sesh together. Play, play, rumble tumble squawk squawk, and then silence. I look over and oh my god. They’re both …


Bath for two 

Ascher is almost one year old (!!) and Ollie is three. It wasn’t until today that they had their first joint bath sesh. It just wasn’t logistically feasible before when their bed times were off by an hour.  But with daylight savings, our early bird baby is now waking at 7am and going to bed …


Ascher is 11 months

My sweet sweet love bug! Schedule: Two 45 mins – 1 hour naps (9am and 2pm). He wakes at 6am (so painful) and is in bed by 7pm (wine o clock). Teeth: 2 top, 2 bottom (no change) Likes: Clapping, Running in his walker, Reading books, Sleeping with his lovey, Food.

02.29.16 Straws, finally

I bought this bottle over a month ago and it wasn’t until now that he finally started understanding how to use it. I just about clapped when I saw him actually sip and swallow from it instead of his usual bite, bite, chuck it to the floor routine. have i mentioned that he’s not exactly gentle? 🙂