The miscarriage rate is about 20%, which is essentially 1 in 5 pregnancies. It’s a very common occurrence but it just isn’t discussed much.  I went in for an ultrasound today because of the spotting and the midwife couldn’t find the baby in the screen. I thought, that’s not good. When the doctor came in, …


10/6/16 Morning Sickness

Morning sickness, man. SUCH. A. BITCH. Six weeks now and true enough to form, we’re at three for three. Every time I’m pregnant, it pops its ugly head. I was hoping (praying) that I’d be spared this time around. But, alas, that would be too easy. This, unfortunately, also means that we’ll be traveling internationally …


Nap for two

Yesterday, we had just too much to do, so we pushed Ascher and disregarded his nap schedule. So some dim sum and a quick 10 min catnap in the car and some errands and a trip to the park later, we finally made it home. This meant that by the time it was Ollie’s nap time …


02.29.16 Straws, finally

I bought this bottle over a month ago and it wasn’t until now that he finally started understanding how to use it. I just about clapped when I saw him actually sip and swallow from it instead of his usual bite, bite, chuck it to the floor routine. have i mentioned that he’s not exactly gentle? 🙂

02.16.16 Doors

We’re in the home stretch of the remodel and we’re finally installing the new doors. Like with all things remodel though, what was supposed to be done in one day is taking a month. In this instance, it means our house is largely doorless. This is a perfect example of what parenthood is all about. Priorities …


02.12.16 Date Nights

Whenever I’d hear the words, “date night”, I’d reflexively think, first world problems. So, yes, while it’s difficult being married to me for many reasons, it’s just another to add to the list, I suppose, the fact that I don’t really “get” this whole need to schedule 1:1 time for a couple. I mean, it’s …


02.11.16 Yoga

It’s time. CS likes to point out how extreme I am. Apparently I’m either not going to do it or I go whole hog. While I may not necessarily think it’s 100% true, there are times I see his point. This being one of them. I basically haven’t done any exercise since having Ascher. I …