First black eye

It’s been an eventful few weeks. I didn’t anticipate that it would include his first shiner. This is what happens when you have a lil man who loves jumping and falling. To my dismay, he did this last night against the table corner…


This is his newest favorite sleeping arrangement. I guess I can’t blame him. If you’ve never been taught, it’s not exactly obvious what you’re supposed to do with a pillow. For now, burrowing underneath is his apparent position du jour.

Curious George

Ollie likes to go through drawers of all kinds, in the kitchen, in his room, everywhere. But his favorites are the ones in our bedroom. There are often tell tale signs that he’s been around, like a stray pen or lotion on the table instead of inside. But this was a new one. CS opened …


Table surfing

With the almost 100 degree temperature, I tend to be a little slower, which in itself is bad enough. But this afternoon, I turned around and saw this. This can’t be safe, obvi. But how the heck did he get on? And before I knew it, he got off. All without me seeing how he …