Potty Training Readiness

I never knew what that meant before, this whole concept of potty training readiness. And it was largely the reason why I dreaded PT in general. It was all so murky. WHEN are they ready? HOW can I tell?

We potty trained Ollie at 2 years 1 month. And while the 3 day method didn’t work for us, he only took 2 weeks to be fully day time trained and we let him lead and show us when he’d be ready for cutting out the pull-ups for nighttime, which came surprisingly fast at 2 years 7 months. So by the time he was a 2 1/2 yo, he was completely out of diapers and pull ups and while accidents do occur, they were rare.

With Ascher, I didn’t want to rush into it, bc PT is such a pain in the ass. My view of it is also colored with my being heavily pregnant (8 months) when I was on all fours wiping up his accidents. My belly was constantly grazing the floor as I cleaned. It was reaallly hard.

Lately though, Ascher has been showing signs he’s ready. He’ll point to his diaper and say “poo poo” and indeed, we’ll find the soiled diaper. When he wakes in the morning, I’ve also, surprisingly, found a completely dry diaper a couple times.

But, as is true of most things with the second child, this is where you see a divergent attitude, first kid vs second kid. With Ollie, we were so eager to get on it. We kept looking for signs he was ready. With Ascher, even with these signs, I’ve been reluctant to start. I reasoned that we’ll wait until after our trip. After all, ain’t nobody wanna deal with a recently potty trained kid on a twelve hour flight.  So we’ve tabled this for February, hoping this gives Asch a leg up so that when we do, he’ll be even more ready.

One can hope!

Here’s the little guy, discovering the joys of chocolate…

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