Learning to swim

My life motto these days should be “it isn’t easy,” because that’s what I keep mumbling to myself.

Anyway, with the warm weather, we’ve been really trying to get Ollie into the pool. But, alas, it isn’t easy. It never is, amiright? This kid. Not only is it a huge ordeal to get him into the g’damn pool but you add in getting changed and putting on sunblock (all while screaming “not on the face mama!”), it is often another 10 minutes of negotiation before you’re finally outside. But then you gotta get him in the pool. First getting him to agree to putting his feet in. Then eventually I lose my patience and just grab him while he screams “no no no!”

But that’s life, right? You don’t always get what you want, kid. And if we weren’t so cheap and put you in swim classes instead, the instructor would do the same. See? Logic.

So it’s with a considerable amount of pride that I share these videos. Getting him to kick has been REALLY difficult.

Watch: Ollie Kicking in Pool 8.28.16

Do you hear that? Yes, it’s the sound of no one complaining. Just for that fact alone, this is a winner, my friends. And you can sense when he’s starting to feel more comfortable in the pool. For one, he’s not hanging on to my arms like he’s effing Titanic about to sink. Instead, he starts chattering away. And then you see him remembering to hold his arms out in front, and trying it, getting scared and grabbing my arms, and then trying again.

But getting him to blow bubbles and submerge his head? So much harder. Like, exponentially worse. We’ve been trying to practice this with him for about five times prior to this before he finally agreed to do it.

Watch: Ollie Blowing Bubbles 8.28.16

I know it doesn’t look like much, but you gotta imagine all the PAIN this guy put me through before we got to this point. Also, I got him to do this TWICE and did you notice? He was so proud of himself (“I did it, I did it!”), he even gave me a high five. And two, did you see how I tried to pretend like he said he wanted to do it again? Too bad he wasn’t having it.

Oh, the little things 🙂



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