When your kid wakes in the middle of the night, what do you do?

Do you go to comfort him? What happens when you lay him back down to sleep after he’s all comfy and nestled in your arms? Won’t he start screaming again?

For us, the answer is it’s often not worth it to get the crying baby unless it goes on for a long time. Like, at least 30 minutes. And if we get him, it’s a quick diaper check to make sure there’s no poop. Then calming him until he stops crying and quickly putting him back down in the crib. Most likely this means he’ll start crying again. But since it’s late and he’s tired he’ll usually go back to sleep and stop screaming in 5-10 mins. 

The past week though has been particularly bad because we’ve been alternating between one kid waking and finally falling asleep only to have another do the same. This means your sleep is constantly interrupted. A week of this and I’ve been struggling to focus at work without a quick nap. 

Luckily things feel like they’re finally returning to normal. It’s only Ollie waking and coming to our room now. Oddly, he’s coming just to tell us he needs to pee. Usually he goes by himself. Or, he’ll wake screaming and come to our room and want me to walk him back to his room and tuck him back in. It’s exhausting. 

The question that keeps churning in my head, when I’m feeling my lowest, i.e. when I’m not getting enough sleep, is how much worse does this get when there’s three of them??

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