Third class is the charm

This weekend was his third soccer class. The first two times I had to go in to the field and stay the whole time. Ollie would cry in the beginning until you went in with him. Then he’d make you stay with him the whole time, visibly agitated if you tried to leave. 

It was the same deal. Getting him to put on his uniform was the normal struggle — “I don’t want to go to soccer!” “I don’t want to wear that!” But my usual go-to distract-n-redirect  worked and we made it to class with time to spare. 

When we got there, he held tightly to my hand, nervous I was going to make a break for it. I told CS to go in with him first. Ollie wasn’t clinging on to his hand so I took that as a sign and motioned for CS to come out and leave him. He said Ollie didn’t want him to, but within minutes he stepped out. We sat nervously outside the glass partition waiting for the other shoe to drop and Ollie to wail until one of us went back in. 

But instead! He sat down at the line like the coach instructed and went the whole class laughing and giggling, happy as a clam. With no parent participation!! It. Was. Glorious. I could not have been prouder! 

A few of the kids from his school are in the class too so it’s like one big reunion with the parents. But I had a hard time following the conversations because I was so distracted and in awe of what he was doing. I must come off like a total B. 

Anyway. There was this really cool drill where they dribble the ball around the cones and dots. And to my surprise, he not only maneuvered around it but he was super nimble about it too. And to see him following instructions and laughing with the other kids? Man. My heart just swelled the whole time.  

As much as I think of him as a generally more  reserved kid, he was super engaging in class. Every time the coach had a Q, his hand would shoot up. And even when she’s not asking a question, he’d raise his hands to help elaborate. “Ok so we’re going to dribble the ball carefully across the field…” [Ollie raises hand] “Yes Oliver?” “Be gentle.” “Yes that’s right, be gentle.” It was the cutest thing EVER. 

Maybe I AM game to be a soccer mom after all…

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