I was gone all week for work. It was the first time I’ve been away that long where CS had to watch the kids without me (four days, three nights). I didn’t sleep enough (most nights I was up til midnight) or well (new bed? no sound machine? dunno).

On that last day, hungover from the previous night, a full day of class, and a final exam later, I got into the car for 3 hours of traffic, before I finally got back home.

The next day, CS went sailing which meant I had the kids to myself. Despite the long week, I could not WAIT to get some quality time in with the kids. Ollie, let me remind you, is not fond of new things. His favorite response is “No, I don’t want go! Ollie stay home!” I still have no idea how, between the two of us, we got such a homebody of a kid. Anyway, I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task to get him out.

But a good 30 minutes of cajoling and he finally relented. And we were on our way to his first soccer class at a new place. The previous lessons were put on by the city and not as well done. And due to his age, it was a Parent & Me class, which required parent participation. This time around, since he’s three, I put him in the class without parents. He didn’t like that.

It took an entire class before he’d join in. We literally sat on the benches as I described what the kids were doing, FOR AN HOUR, before he was willing to try. And when I say he went in, I meant WE went in. Oh well, at least we got onto the field. And while he wouldn’t fully participate at first or let go of my hand, he eventually got into the groove, answering questions, kicking the ball, playing the games.

All of this was surprising to me because I gave him an out many times. Do you want to just go home? If you don’t go in, we’re leaving. But instead of jumping at the opportunity to leave, he would shake his head, his desire to stay so evident. It’s really hard doing something new with him when I’m running solo. Usually it takes both of us to get him on board with something new.

This was a good reminder for me that we shouldn’t be so quick to label our kids… Oh he’s shy… Oh he doesn’t like new things… Oh he’s a pain in the ass… Because they just might surprise you with their ability to adapt and assimilate. 😊

And, can I just say? Kid uniforms are the CUTEST!

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