Ascher is 15 months


  • Height: 31 inches (70 percentile)
  • Weight: 25 lbs (85 percentile)
  • Head: 49 cm (95 percentile)

New abilities: Stairs! He has finally figured out how to climb down stairs. Going up wasn’t an issue. But this guy. He seriously has balls of steel. He fell face forward, head first when he somehow (ahem MIL was missing in action and left him unsupervised when I went out the front door) and followed me. A loud crash and unending screaming later, I found him scratched up and scarred. It took that before he finally stopped at the top of stairs instead of being ready and willing to make the leap. Now he’s finally learned how to sit first, then crawl down each step of the stairs.

Words he can say: Mama, baba, mum mum (food), more (food), che che (car).

Words he understands: belly button (he’ll lift his shirt to show you), bao bay (his lovey), bath time (he’ll run to the bathroom when you say this), nai nai (milk), gow gow (doggy), bao bao (bread), poo poo, diaper.

Naps: one. This is normally at 11 or so. On the weekends, we can push him to wait until 12:30 or 1pm so that we can have a family nap, which is THE BEST.

Bedtime: 7:30pm bath, 8pm asleep. 7am awake.

Night wakings: Ascher has had this bad tendency of waking middle of the night (1am – 4am) and screaming. There were times when we’d just bring him to bed and it worked out great for everyone involved. But it’s gotten to the point now where no one sleeps well. So when he wakes screaming (it used to happen nightly for two weeks since coming back from Cabo but is more of an off-night now than anything), I wait him out for ten minutes before checking on him. Sometimes he’ll go back to sleep on his own. Otherwise I’ll go in, check to see if everything is ok (sometimes he pooped), calm him then drop him back in his crib. This means 9 out of 10 times he’ll cry again. But another 15 or 20 minutes later he’ll be tired from crying and go back to sleep. This isn’t the ideal situation, but I remember going through something similar with Ollie when he started having nightmares around this time. Except Ollie would have night terrors where you couldn’t wake him for many minutes because he was so deep in sleep. That was scary.

This is the pic from 4th of July. My two patriotic boys doing the most patriotic thing ever, shop at Home Depot with mama and baba. 🙂

Ascher_15 months_July16

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