Ollie’s Big Boy Alarm Clock

Jul 6 2016 update//

It’s only been a week, so it’s too early to call it. But I will anyway. This alarm clock has been a SAVIOR. He’s gone from waking at 5:40am to 7:10am. I’d try setting it even later to 7:30am but we wouldn’t have enough time to feed him and brush him and shoes him and get him to school before 9am (or suffer the wrath of the teachers’ disapproval).

And! Not only do I think it’s a gem. He loves it too! He thinks his new clock is the best thing ever!!

End update//

There are a few issues with transitioning from a crib –> toddler bed –> big boy bed (i.e. full sized bed).

We switched to a toddler bed when we potty trained at 26 months to assist with the mid of night trips to the bathroom. It’s a pain in the ass to carry him in and out of the crib, especially if you’re heavily pregnant, so letting him get in/out by himself is way easier. But! You know what this means? The kid is no longer restricted and can now freely roam. He’d constantly come out after lights are out and he’s (supposed to be) all tucked in. Hella ninja too. No matter how much I ask him to walk softly, Ollie would defiantly stomp stomp stomp. But nighttime? He can move so stealthily that it scares the bejeezus out of me when I realize he’s standing at our door. This constant coming out of his room has only recently stopped, at 36 months. Now, he knows, “Ollie only come out once for pee pee. Not twice. Just once, mama.” 

But my latest issue with this big boy set up is that he now wakes too damn early. And this is coming from Ollie, the deepest sleeper ever. For some strange reason, once he’s awake, he’ll literally POP out of bed and run out of his room. I tried to explain to him that it’s too early and he should keep sleeping. But the concept was lost on him. So he’s gone from waking at 7:30, maybe 7am to 6am, sometimes 5:40am. It’s not fun. And sure, it’s not bad for me personally because he bolts for the family room and keeps himself entertained until we wake, but the problem is he’s not getting enough sleep.

So finally, yesterday, I got this alarm clock that is designed exactly for this purpose. There’s a ton of products available, but I like this one because it has a plug (not just running on batteries) and it grows with your kid. It can teach them how to tell time (age 5-7) and then becomes a normal alarm clock when they’re older. Essentially, for this age, it’s pretty simple. It glows green when it’s ok to wake, based on whatever time you set.

Last night was the first time we tried it and Ollie was SO excited to have a “big boy clock”. I wasn’t sure if he’d understand or follow the instructions of “yellow means stay in bed” and “green means you can come out”. So I woke up extra early at 5am, nervous as ever. But you know what? He came out at his usual 6am, we ushered him back into his room, reminding him to wait for the green light. And boom. 7am, stomp stomp stomp. “It’s green, mama!”

Let’s hope this is a new trend…

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