Don’t touch my wee wee 

Out of the blue the other day, I started thinking about how Ollie is older now and exposed to more and more new people. And I started freaking out, imagining the worst. So when I was taking him to school, I explained to him that inappropriate touching is just that.

If anyone tries to touch your wee wee,  you tell them “No! This is my wee wee. Don’t touch my wee wee.” Only mama and baba can touch it during bath time because we have to keep it clean ok?

I didn’t really discuss this with CS because this is my neurosis after all. No need to pull him in, right?

Over the weekend, we were getting ready to get into the pool. CS is helping Ollie change and I overhear Ollie telling him Don’t touch my wee wee baba, it’s mine! 

I just about died.

At least he can follow directions…

Kids. Hah!

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