School Teddy

When it came to sleeping and soothing, we were game to try it all. So it’s no surprise that I was insistent on the kids having a lovey. A little before he turned one, I got Ollie a teddy and he slowly weaned himself away from the lovey. This means that for the past two years, Teddy has been synonymous with sleep. More than that, Teddy has truly been his security blanket. In situations where he might feel scared, Teddy has provided him the comfort he needed. If he felt apprehension, he’d ask for Teddy.

When it was time for him to start school (at 2.5 yo), I bought another one to leave in his cubby for his daily nap. It obviously wasn’t the same, bc he loved the shit out of his OG teddy. Ie, he would bite unendingly on poor teddy’s nose. I’ve had to stitch and restitch him to keep it intact, from the stuffing falling out of his nose and eyes and sides. So yes, there was no mistaking the “Teddy” with the “School Teddy”.

We bring School Teddy and his blanket home every Friday to wash. Earlier this month though, Ollie came up to me and nonchalantly told me he didn’t use Teddy at school anymore.

It floored me. Teddy is such a big part of him that I didn’t know how to react. I went to school that following Monday asking his teacher, trying to see if I misunderstood. But sure enough, she said he uses his blanket but leaves the teddy in his cubby.

It took a few tries of me asking if he truly didn’t want School Teddy at School. He’d say yes, but come Monday, he’d ask to bring it anyway. And then finally as I handed him School Teddy one Monday, he told me No Mama, I don’t need it, and promptly walked out the door.

Funny the things that make you sad as a parent.

In any case, he now sleeps with both Home and School Teddy at night.


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