Instant Pot, aka my daily saving grace

Listen, it’s not like I was holding out on you on purpose. But forreal, life has been a bit hectic lately, especially on the work front.

So while I’ve been meaning to share this, it’s eluded me til now.

Anyway. Instant Pot, people, Instant Pot! What is it? Only the best thing ever. Aka pressure cooker. I don’t know why I didnt jump on the bandwagon til now. I think I’ve had these preconceived notions of food having a weird texture or of it lacking authenticity (as if!) or some other bat shit crazy like that.

And while there are a lot of other pressure cookers out there, what makes the IP so great is not only its ease of use, but the HUGE community around it. There’s this great fb group where people ask questions and share recipes ALL THE TIME. And I get such great nuggets of advice on it on the reg. Especially when I’m needing motivation or ideas for dinner. This group ALWAYS comes through. People are fanatical about the IP, intense stuff.

I’ve made a ton of stuff already, from rice (brown and white come out crazy perfect, like perfect texture, all individual grains intact) to oatmeal (I make a batch of this each week for Ascher and it’s his breakfast every morning, mixed in with some bananas and chia seeds) to chicken wings and soups (zuppa toscana, hot and sour soup) and beef stews and even CHEESECAKES!

One of the reasons this is so great is that it doesn’t heat up your whole kitchen. I am especially looking forward to this come summer time. And also, bc it’s pressure cooked, the flavor in everything is so intense bc nothing is evaporated or diluted from being boiled away. And the best part? It is SO fast! So even though work has been nuts, I’ve been cooking more than usual because I’m able to get something on the table so much faster than before.

I have the 6 Qt size and it’s plenty big for our family of 4. But they recently released an 8 Qt one just last month. I’d probably stick to the 6 Qt for a family my size.

And, while i haven’t had the time to try it out yet, I am SO EXCITED to try the yogurt function. Did you hear me? YOU CAN MAKE YOGURT AT HOME!!

Ok. I’m going to calm down now.

Some pics of the IP meals we’ve made so far.

Meyer lemon cheesecake. The smoothest cheesecake that doesn’t crack. It’s like you baked it in a water bath.

IP Cheesecake

Chicken chile verde. Soo yummy. Both kids devoured it, even though it’s a tad bit spicy.
IP Chicken chile verde

 Chicken wings. You cook it in the IP and then finish it off under the broiler for some nice crispy edges. IP Wings


Anyhoo. I’ve got arroz con pollo cooking as we speak.

Two words, people – LIFE. SAVER.

Mic drop.

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