Best Friends

Today we went to a birthday party. I don’t need to say it was a kid’s birthday party because, come on, that’s the only type these days amiright? Anyway, I bring Ollie to pick out a present. What does he like? “Dump trucks and excavators and cars, mama!” I am not sure he gets my question. Is that what Connor likes or what you like? “Connor, mama.”

I try picking out a few presents but each time he says “No” when I ask if it’s something Connor would like. So I pick something and think, thanks for nothing. Then he zeroes in on some die cast cars and a school bus and grabs a handful of them. I remind him we are picking a present for someone else. He says yes. 

At this point, I’m thinking ok let’s cut our loss. He gets one car, I pay, and we go. 

So imagine my surprise when I hear him say, on the way to the party, that the bus is for Connor. And then imagine my next surprise when we get inside and he actually hands it to him. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a first, people!!

Ollie loves his cars. But what I didn’t realize until the party was that he’s had a BFF this whole time. Sure I’d hear him rambling off the list of names of people he plays with every day after pick up, but I didn’t realize that these two were likethis. And he picked out the perfect gift after all. I’d see Connor hold onto it as he’d run and jump and even cry when someone tried to grab it out of his hand. 

They’d also look for each other throughout the party and jump and fall together in a heap in the jump house, eat next to each other, and even shared as they passed the toy bus back and forth. 

I don’t know how to describe this warm feeling I’ve felt ever since the party, knowing he’s got a bud. It’s like knowing he’s not alone in this world. Or something like that. 

And as is true of any pics these days, this was the best I could get. Three boys age three? I didn’t stand a chance of getting a good shot. But at least the bus made it in. 😬

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