Ascher is Walking!

So I lost my bet that he’d be walking before his first birthday. But he was close. 12 months 2 weeks and he’s finally walking on his own.

It’s funny seeing the steps of growing independence, from not wanting to walk at all to walking while holding both hands to only holding with one hand to taking a few steps by himself. But he’d be so reluctant that I could never get a video of it fast enough before he got pissed off and plopped down.

Today, he’d go a few steps and collapse on the floor once he realized you weren’t coming back to hold his hand. Then he’d walk holding the wall, preferring it to holding your hand. Then he finally decided he was ready and slowly let go of the wall. All within 15 minutes. Crazy.

Too fast, they grow up. Too fast.

Watch now: AC Walking

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