Lazy walker

So I’ve tried to “encourage” Ascher to walk, by getting him to stand and then letting go and scooting away to get him to walk towards me. But this guy, he knows what he likes. And when he’s not interested, there’s no pushing. So when I try to help him, he just drops to the ground and either sits or crawls. Hah. I can just picture the bubble above his head, “Nice try mom.”

Since it was fruitless, I gave him a break and stopped and not bothered for a month or two now. I mean, Ollie was a late walker too. I figured maybe it ran in the genes.

So imagine my surprise when I came home on Tuesday from a punishing drive to the office and found him vertical, holding grandma’s hands and walking round and round! Apparently he decided he was ready to be bi-pedal. Of course he’s still holding our hands, but it’s a HUGE step (hah). He just simply refused before! As tired as I was, I was just eating it up, and went up and down the halls and stairs with the lil guy. He didn’t wanna stop and who was I to insist otherwise? 🙂

Watch now: Ascher walking assisted


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