Nap for two

Yesterday, we had just too much to do, so we pushed Ascher and disregarded his nap schedule. So some dim sum and a quick 10 min catnap in the car and some errands and a trip to the park later, we finally made it home. This meant that by the time it was Ollie’s nap time (1pm), Ascher was rearing for some Zzzz’s too.

This is pretty rare that they’re both napping at the same time. So I seized the day and plopped them into bed together with me.

It was the usual thumb sucking (Ascher) and head banging (Ollie) and squawking and yapping from both. I usually close my eyes to pretend I’m sleeping. But I was so tired I actually fell asleep too. Then all of a sudden I startled awake, realizing it was dead quiet. I look over and ohmygosh!

They were holding hands when they fell asleep… #heartmelted

Bros holding hands sleeping_Mar 2016

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