02.27.16 Breastfeeding

While I think the benefits of breastfeeding are likely overblown, I’ve still stayed committed to doing it for the first year. Personally, six months seem sufficient, especially as real food starts being introduced and demand for the boob goes down. But, one year just sounds so much more even than six months. So that’s where we’re at. One year per kid.


I’ve had travel planned for work, that’s been in the works for almost a year now. And let me say, that the amount of restlessness I felt was no laughing matter. It was something that was always at the back of my mind. Why? Because one week of travel meant not just time away from the kids, but most importantly, it meant I’d need: 1) a supply of milk to last Ascher through an entire week and 2) I’d need to somehow escape during the day long meetings to pump throughout the day 3) with the time zone difference, I’d have to get up 3 hours early as it is, but I’d have to tack on extra time to pump on top of that. Have I mentioned I’m not naturally a morning person?

So, yes, no little amount of stress over this.

And then I thought, should we just stop it short? He’ll be close enough to one year old. But, those damn round numbers. I’m all about it. There just wasn’t an easy solution.

But, a fortunate turn of events this week meant I was able to send someone in my place and I didn’t have to worry about any of the above anymore!

So you see? The things a (working) mom worry about seem so trivial until you realize how much something so seemingly trivial can take up such precious mind space.

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