02.11.16 Yoga

It’s time.

CS likes to point out how extreme I am. Apparently I’m either not going to do it or I go whole hog. While I may not necessarily think it’s 100% true, there are times I see his point. This being one of them.

I basically haven’t done any exercise since having Ascher. I dabbled in Barre3 back in July when Ascher was 3 months old, but I didn’t love it (it wasn’t yoga-y enough and didn’t kick my ass enough) and it was CRAZY expensive ($190/month), so I never got into it and didn’t try anything else since then. And, at that point, when you’re still breastfeeding SO frequently, it’s hard to find a slot that works with your schedule and where your boobs aren’t super full.

So fast forward to current day. Ascher’s 10 months. I’m only breast feeding 4x a day and I’ve got the energy to try working out again.

This time, I found Core Power, which is not as great as my favorite studio, but it’ll do. It’s got a bunch of locations, so the options are wide. But it’s again, just like Barre3, not cheap ($165/month). But I’m learning that in these parts, this is about the going rate unfortunately. The great thing about CP is that it’s heated (90-100 degree + humidity added in the room) and it’s also power/vinyasa yoga (fast paced). I did the one week free and was able to go from not working out for the whole year to going 4x that week. It was incredible. I loved it.

And now that aunt flow is gone, it’s time to start the membership. But the fact that it’s an unlimited membership means that as a Chinese woman, I am loathe to get the most bang out of my buck. I am aiming for 3-4x a week, but even I have to concede that this is aggressive.

Let’s hope CS is right this time. When it comes to getting back into shape, I don’t mind being extreme.


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