02.08.16 Period, update

So you know how I was all like Hooray Hurrah my period’s back?

Not that any menstruation is ever a party or anything, but good God. My first period back? NOT fun. At all.

The flow was so heavy on day 2 and 3 that I already ran out of pads that I packed for the whole weekend. Luckily day 4 has already calmed down. Those two days though… I was bleeding so much I had to wake constantly, at least every couple hours throughout the night to change. First my pants. Then my undies. And? The worst part? Digging through your suitcase for a clean pair of undies in a pitch black room, afraid of waking the baby. In fact every time I got out of bed I winced at the creaking floors and worried I’d wake him. Oh, the irony.

Seriously not sexy, my friends.

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