02.06.16 Today was a good day

Today I managed to watch my 10 month old (where did the time go???) and make a soup from scratch (with homemade meatballs to boot) and pop a bottle of wine while watching a totally-thought-it’d-be-a-chick-flick-but-turned-out-way-better movie (Burnt, with Bradley Cooper). The daddies were out with the older siblings. Good tunes were playing in the background. Bower was sunbathing by the window. It was just one of those so-close-to-perfect days that make you think, this is it right here, it can’t really get better than this! 

And, I gotta say, ever since Ollie turned three, I’ve been feeling this way more and more.

And maybe it’s that I’ve been more mindful of enjoying the moment with the kids, but this life we’re building? It’s pretty damn wonderful.

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