Leaps and bounds, my friends. CS was insistent that we get Ollie on the slopes ASAP. Personally I didn’t see what the rush was. Let’s wait till he’s four. What’s the big deal. But he went and got the skis and the boots and the helmet. And let me pause and just note how they really RAPE you on these. Kids grow so darn fast. How can anyone justify spending hundreds on gear that the kid will outgrow by next season? Insane.

And it wasn’t easy, but we eased him into getting used to the ski boots (aka bribes). Then the act of stepping into the skis (more bribes)… This is all weeks before we even go back to the snow.

And the day of, he tantrums on the slope the first few times. So loud that apparently anyone at the resort could hear. So dramatic, that CS.

But then Ollie started getting into it.

And you started seeing smiles on his face.

It’s all worth it. But my God he sure makes us work for it.

Our little ski bunny

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