01.15.16 Short hair don’t care 

It’s not easy trying to get Ollie’s hair cut, because he is such a creature of routine and comfort. You see him struggle whenever he encounters anything new and know it’ll take a while before he warms up.

Stars also had to be aligned for me to find a place that specializes in kid cuts and have cars (how cool is that) for him to sit in and distract him.

And then I had to get him through the door, and of course, sit and wait his turn without getting antsy or throwing a fit. It was no small feat. But he not only got his hair cut, but he actually chose a regular “big boy” chair instead of the seats inside a police car/fire truck, and even high fived the barber when he was done.

So, it’s no surprise that I was eager to call this a win and declare it his new hair cut spot. Unfortunately, CS pointed out that they basically had racks of porn in plain sight. Not sure how I missed that. Hah. For $20 a cut, it was pretty much the most we’ve ever paid. It’s so strange that a “kid friendly” hair salon would have smut everywhere.

But what’s more telling, is even with that knowledge, I was trying to figure out a way to still make this place be our “spot” for the next cut. That’s how hard it is to find something Ollie likes, or even tolerates.

Struggle is real, ya’ll.


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