Ascher is 7 Months

Seven months was a big one for Ascher. Month 7 highlights

  • Naps/bedtime: Naps: 1 in AM (9am), 1 at noon,  maybe 1 in PM (3pm). Bedtime: 6:30pm-6am (11 hours).
  • Stays awake: 2-2.5 hours
  • Sizing: size 18 months shirts/pants and size 3 diapers (no change)
  • Teeth: 4 total. He got his second pair of (top) teeth in.
  • Milestone: He also started crawling super early (Ollie didn’t crawl til way later).
  • First words: He said his first words, which, interestingly, were both mama and baba. One day in NYC, he was blubbering right before his nap, and he turned to me and said mama mama mama and then turned to CS and said baba baba baba, over and over again. Def one of the highlights of the trip!
  • First flight: Like with most things, he was totally chill and was completely ok flying there but surprisingly cried a majority of the flight home. No idea why.
  • First group nap: Taking a nap in the hotel room as a family in one (king) bed. Everyone napped for a good two hours. AMAZING


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