Potty Training, a look back

I’d just like to say, to all the parents who have kids that pee like a normal kid should — i.e. with pants/undies pulled down to the ankle — you guys have it so good!

Ollie always needed to take off his pants to pee, from the very beginning. It wasn’t so bad when we were just starting out, potty training at home. But when you consider the work needed to take off his pants when we’re outside the house, you get the image — shoes off, socks off, pants off, PEE, pants on, socks on, shoes on. It is SUCH a pain!

But now that I’ve got an army to help me convince him to do things the “right” way, aka teachers at school, we’ve moved on to the peeing-while-standing stage surprisingly fast. The teacher talked to me after school one day and told me we need to work on Ollie standing to pee. Ollie was next to me and heard the conversation. Once we got home, I had him stand to pee, and he was surprisingly willing, and he hasn’t looked back since. It was crazy how easy that was. He’ll even parrot back, “Only stand to go pee pee now!”

Since he’s standing, that means we don’t have to strip down anymore either. What’s more, he’s learning to pull his pants/undies on/off too, so we’ve gone from full service (pants/shoes/socks off and lift him to the seat and pants/shoes/socks back on) to a much-closer-to-self-service model where he steps on off himself too. I’m loving it! And, can I just say, how funny it is the way he pees? He’ll get on the stool, lean forward so he’s got his hands on the seat cover, like he’s being held up for arrest. Hah!


PT Timeline

Start: Feb 2015 (2 yrs 1 month)

Daytime potty trained: Mar 2015 (two weeks later)

Nighttime potty trained: Aug 2015 (2 years 7 months)

Standing to pee: Oct 2015 (2 years 9 months)

The nighttime PT wasn’t that big of a deal for me, so I basically waited til he was ready. And, it was much quicker than I expected. I figured I’d start worrying about it when he turned three or something. I mean, holding your pee all night long just felt like it’d be hard for an adult, much less a kid. But one day, he just started waking up dry and if he needed to pee, he’d run out of his room at night and tell us. It was kind of awesome.

So all in all, it took 2 weeks to be fully daytime potty trained and 6 months for nighttime. Much better stats than I could’ve hoped for. This kid surprises me on the reg. 🙂

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