09.11.15 Counting and other progress

Ollie’s language development has always been a little delayed. Dr did say that when there are multiple languages to pick up, kids are usually slow starters. Very true in our case. And he said when he does start, I’d be amazed at the pace. Boy was he right. Our little guy is quite the chatterbox these days.

A few things I’ve found truly remarkable…

Out of the blue, he’ll start singing a song I’ve never heard before. Or I’ll hear him reciting from one of his bedtime story books as he’s playing.

And, more recently, we heard him muttering quietly. As we got closer, it sounded more and more like he was counting in Mandarin. So we started counting with 1 and 2, and what do you know! He looked up, excited, and practically screamed out the rest of the numbers. And then we thought, well they teach Spanish at school too… So…uno, dos… and he kept going until quince!

It’s the coolest thing ever, because a week will go by and he’ll add another number to the mix, going from 1-10 to 1-15, for example.

This is seriously such a fun age!

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