09.04.15 Five months

Month 5 highlights

  • Naps/bedtime: we’re in the middle of a growth spurt/wonder week right now which means he’s napping much less than usual this past week (only 3 hours during the day instead of the normal 4-5 hours) and waking up once a night. If he sleeps til 6am, that’s a good day. Overall though, he’s sleeping about 7pm-6am (11 hours).
  • Stays awake: 2-2.5 hours
  • Solids: I thought we’d be well into solids by now, since we got the green light at 4 months. But what I realized was that he couldn’t sit up, unless we were holding him up, which to me meant he wasn’t ready to digest all that just yet. Now, a month later, he can sit unassisted for seconds at a time. Hoping to try the purees this weekend…
  • Sizing: no change: size 9 months shirts/pants and size 3 diapers.
  • Favorites: Rolling is a constant favorite, as is the jumparoo and exersaucer. His new favorite thing to do is squawking. Super vocal, this little guy.
  • Rolling: Throughout month 4, he’s been rolling from tummy to back and back to tummy. What surprises me is how he can start interchangeably from the left or right side, with no preference to either.
  • Help: At 5 months, this is the first time I felt like we could maybe finally do this ourselves, i.e. watch both kids without help. Thankfully, my MIL is here to help, so it’s not an issue, and if she were to leave, we’d still need a nanny. But this is the first time I feel like we’d only need a nanny and not a full time live-in nanny like I did the first 4 months.
  • Sleep training: I’m really torn because while Ascher sleeps well, he still isn’t sleeping a full 12 hours. And, he’ll wake sometimes and need to be patted down. While this isn’t a big issue, I wonder if I should perhaps do some sleep training. At 5 months, he’s well within the range to start. But CS argues that he’s easy to calm down when he wakes up. Maybe it’s because I’d prefer to have a baby I can put down to sleep and ignore until the morning, but still, I hear his point. It’s hard to hear him cry at the top of his lungs. For now, I think I’ll ride it out til 6 months and if he still isn’t sleeping the full 12 hours, then it’s probably time to bite the bullet and let him scream…
  • Awareness: If he wakes middle of the night and cries, he’ll be full belly screaming. But once you pick him up, he’ll see your face and the screams will switch immediately to the brightest smile. And this is generally how he is, he very much enjoys company. If he sees you across the room, once you make eye contact, he’ll beam the sweetest smile.
  • Caffeine: First kid, I stayed almost completely away from coffee. This time around, not only am I drinking it, we dove head first into getting a whole new set up (Aeropress for quick one serving French press type coffee,  Chemex for our beginning of the day pour-over wake up call, freshly roasted by the pound beans, as well as a new burr grinder and pour-over water kettle). This of course means that I’ve been drinking coffee all hours of the day. Personally, I don’t notice any increase in restlessness in the baby from this intake. So no harm no foul. Besides it’s his fault I need this much coffee anyway right? 🙂


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