08.27.15 Ascher is on the move (rolling)

It surprises me on the regular how Ascher is so chill. With Ollie, rolling was an ordeal. I remember it well because I just started working and I was going into work feeling all sorts of haggard. Ollie was waking up middle of the night having rolled to his back and startled awake. I tried leaving him to roll back on his own but he was hysterical. Many a sleepless nights were spent wondering when we’d stop having to rescue our little upside down turtle.

So when Ascher started rolling a month ago, I figured, here we go again! But it’s only been one night that he rolled in his sleep and was frightened awake. He figured out how to roll gradually and it hasn’t really interrupted his sleep. Ollie really only rolled in one direction, no matter how much we helped and prompted and prodded him. I thought maybe that was normal for babies. Until I watched Ascher casually go from one direction to the other in his crib. Amazes me.

And when he does roll, it’s so mellow. It’s def not as effortful as it was for the OG. Ascher rolls with his thumb in his mouth the whole time, like yo mama, what’s up, this is no big deal.

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