Lazy Sunday

Sure, Ollie got his THIRD cold since starting school two months ago.

Sure, Ascher woke twice last night, at the ungodly hours of 3 and 5am.

But we got to go eat with just Ollie and gave him some quality solo time with us while Ascher stayed home. And we even all napped at the same time today. It was sublime. Maybe it’s because Ascher got such disrupted sleep the night before, but he napped long enough for me to get a good two hours in myself.

And, have I mentioned yet how much Ollie is a total daddy’s boy now? I asked if he wanted to nap with me and he said “No! Nap with baba!” How can such a little person be so cruel? Does he not know who went through months of morning sickness and carried him for nine months? And let’s not get started on the labor!

Anywhere, where was I?

Right. This was the first time we all napped together, the four of us at the same time. And, at almost five months, I woke up refreshed, thinking, life is good, this isn’t THAT bad, it’s getting better.

And sometimes, better is all you need.

lazy sunday

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