Ollie’s always slept hot. Hot as in, you can see the outline of his body from the sweat he produced in his sleep. This isn’t so much a problem in the summer, as the AC is blasting anyway.

But the winter? It drove me nuts when I kept trying to offer up blankets and pillows. It would be so cold overnight that you can see your breath. Even then, he’d refuse. I’d show him how to use it if he got cold and leave it next to him in bed. On his good days, he’d humor me and leave it until I left the room. On his challenging days, he’d throw it off straight away. Either way, by morning time, it’d lay in a heap on the floor.

So it took me by surprise, that just this week, at 32 months (aka 2.5 years), he asked for a blanket before bed. It was such a foreign request that I couldn’t understand what he was saying til he got out of bed and pointed to the blanket on the floor. What was even more shocking, not only did it stay in bed with him, but he’d actually sleep under it until the morning. He’s done this all week!

I don’t know why, but something this simple made me feel almost wistful, like he’s growing up so fast and I’m missing it all…

His big boy blanket and trusty teddy (of course)!


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