Waking up dry

Today is a great day.

Last night Ascher slept 11.5 hours, his longest stretch ever. I don’t think this will be the norm just yet, but it’s still reassuring that we’re moving in the right direction, esp after a week of him waking up every night at 3 or 4am to feed.

And then, as I’m still trying to rub the sleepiness out of my eyes, I hear Ollie barreling out of his room, mimicking us and asking himself, “Sleep ok?” I go to help him change into his clothes and what do I find? His pull ups were dry! For the first time EVER!

Ollie, at 2.5 years old, has only this past week started asking to go pee after we’ve put him down for the night. I, of course, chalked it up to him prolonging the whole go-to-bed routine. But he’s also been waking up and asking to pee instead of just wetting his pull-ups. And the other night, he threw a fit, refusing to wear the pull-ups, asking to wear undies instead. We finally cajoled and convinced him to put it on. But perhaps it’s time we started monitoring his pre-bed liquids again and see if he really is ready to cut out the pull-ups. That’d be amazing.

I came across this picture, from February when we first started the potty training, and thought how much younger he looks and how much he’s grown…



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