Today is day 16 of school

It’s been a little over two weeks since Ollie first started school. And this week, he stopped crying at drop off, which was a nice and surprisingly fast change. We also didn’t have any screaming episodes when it was time to leave the house. But today! Today, after peeing at school, he literally banged on the door to go outside in the yard. Banged! As in, LET ME GO PLAY! CS said bye and he just went straight to the yard, joined by friends.

And when I heard all this, I thought, I need to get champagne! We need to celebrate! And perhaps it’s just an excuse for bubbly. But, this is coming from me, who hasn’t celebrated much of anything this year. My bonus, buying a new house, selling our old house, having a baby, four year wedding anniversary… all of it huge and celebration worthy, but none of it actually celebrated. But my son liking school? Big deal.

How life has changed…

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