Three months old

Ascher turned three months old a few weeks ago. As is true of most things when it comes to the second child, we haven’t had the luxury of doing everything we did with Ollie, including documenting his progress. So I’m going to fast forward past the first couple months and start now!

Month 3 highlights

  • Bedtime: 8pm-6am (10 hours)
  • Naps: this week (week 14), his AM nap (finally!) developed. He sleeps 1-2 hours, starting 8-9am.
  • Stays awake: 1.5 hours
  • Feeds: 5 times a day
  • Bath: no longer cries during bath (thank goodness)
  • Poop: only poops every 2-3 days, just like Ollie
  • Thumb: he’s also a huge fan of his thumb, often sticking both in his mouth at the same time. And, let’s not forget how he always tries to shove one in his mouth while he’s feeding. I have to constantly move it away since it breaks his latch. Silly goose.

Ascher’s sleep has always been reversed in that he sleeps great at night and has really short naps. Nothing I do seems to help – sleeping on me, letting him cry, car rides, nothing helps to extend his nap from his usual 25-35 minutes. It could also be the loud noises of the remodel that’s affecting him, since the white noise can’t drown out the hammering, drilling, and sawing that happens here on the regular.

In any case, I read in my “sleep bible” that the morning nap develops sometime between 12-16 weeks and the noon nap develops a few weeks later. And sure enough, at week 14, I’ve started seeing a consistent morning nap emerge. Here’s hoping the noon nap follows shortly…

Also, as you can see, no matter what time we do the bedtime routine, he consistently sleeps at 8pm, which is way too late for a baby. Oh well, if he doesn’t shift it himself, I figure the daylight savings time change in November will shift it to 7pm for me. 🙂


My little thumbalina



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