First letter tracing

Look, I’m skeptical, I get that. It usually takes me a while to be sold on something. So it’s no surprise that I’m still unsure about the whole going-to-school-at-age-2 business. In fact, I wondered quite a few times in the past week whether it’s really just a glorified daycare. I mean, I haven’t seen any benefits to it and the cost of being separated from Ollie for the majority of the day felt so (too) high.

But then they handed me his first packet of art work and I feel the tide turning. I knew they were starting to do letter tracing, but what I didn’t realize was how surprisingly well Ollie would do with it.

It’s not perfect, and I don’t expect it to be, but it’s surprisingly good. And then I start to think how this is good for him, doing things that I wouldn’t think to do with him. He’s clearly able, and if no one did it with him, he’d have no way to exercise that skill. I, in effect, would be holding him back.

And then I look at the topics of the month and I think, Wow! Yep, definitely no way I have the capacity to go through any of this with him on my own. What I find really cool, is how I can reinforce what he’s learning every day, when he’s at home. Like when he was learning about sharks and whales, he’d talk about it on the drive home. It opens up a whole world of new topics. I just can’t get enough of how much he’s growing…

His coloring tho? Def needs work, buddy.


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