Flat head, part II

Today was a big day. I like to peek in on Ascher sleeping and this morning was the first time I found him asleep with his head turned to the left. I silently pumped my arms in the air in excitement as I whispered the news to CS. Hah! 

His flat spot is also becoming less pronounced and starting to round out. And when he’s awake, his head doesn’t auto pivot to the right anymore either. 

It’s been over three weeks since I first brought him to see the doctor. So while this progress seems fast, it felt super slow because it’s been over 21 days where I’m obsessing about repositioning him constantly. I’ll even sneak in and shift his head while he’s sleeping. Obsessive, yes. 

His neck is still super tight on one side. But the fact that he can turn his head and sleep on both sides gives me reassurance that he will adjust soon. Hopefully. 

Now though, instead of turning his whole head to the right, his head tilts to the left. I suppose this is a result of his neck muscle being short and tight on one side and long and weak on the other. Hopefully this will even out soon too. 

See the tilt? One ear is constantly closer to his shoulder than the other. 


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