Wedding band woes

Ok. In the last month of pregnancy, I thought, let’s take off the ring before I get so swollen I can’t take it off at all. Planning ahead, you see. Then, for the first couple months post partum, I thought, let’s leave it off since it’s so messy having a newborn. I don’t want to constantly take it on and off when I’m cleaning dirty clothes and such. Practical right?

Now, as we reach three months, I’ve finally decided to start wearing my ring again. Only problem is, I find myself having a hard time remembering where I put it. This annoys CS to no end and frankly causes quite a bit of anxiety on my part as well.

But what do you expect? It’s been months. I’ve gotten used to not wearing it. And, what’s worse, I’ve been banging it every which way, because you just don’t know to be careful of something you haven’t had on in such a long time.

I gotta say though, these ring holders? Life savers. When I remember to put it there, it’s always such a relief to scan it and see it sitting where it should. Now if only I can remember to put it there every time… 🙂

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