Flat head

Ollie was a stomach sleeper bc he wouldn’t sleep on his back. And even now, at two years old, that’s still his preferred position.

With Ascher, I wondered if I should let him sleep on his tummy, since babies sleep so much better that way anyway. But he didn’t show any inclination towards it and when I tried, he didn’t sleep any better. So I figured, ok, back is best they say, so why not.

But now, I’ve encountered a problem I never had before. He favors the right side, constantly swiveling his head to the right when he’s sleeping and even when he’s awake. So now he’s developing a flat spot on his head. Our old pediatrician said we need to just do more tummy time to help him get used to looking and staying on the left, but I haven’t noticed any improvements in the past couple weeks. So tomorrow we go see the new dr and we’ll know if any professional therapy is needed. I wonder if he’ll need to wear a helmet. It’s not nice, but I think that’s kind of funny…

So I straighten him out…

Look right 1

Then immediately after, he swivels right

Looking right

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