Placenta encapsulation

Yes. I thought it was gross too. Primarily because what I knew was based on images of people blending fresh placenta into smoothies for a refreshing drink. Or people cooking the placenta and eating it like a delicacy. Nasty nasty.

But when CS mentioned it this pregnancy and said it’s a practice that’s been around for a long time, I was surprised. What’s more, it’s a practice routed in traditional Chinese medicine. And here I thought it was just a new fad. So I did some research. And while there are no extensive tests done and the benefits aren’t conclusive, I figured it wouldn’t hurt.  When I mentioned it to my mom, she was surprised it was something that was done here in the states. She said it’s very nourishing and restorative for the body and something she herself has tried and benefited from, altho in the cooking method not pills. In fact, many people she knows in China do it on the regular.

So I asked my midwife for some recs. I made contact with a doula from the list, and made all the arrangements, from the payment ($250) to logistics (you bring a cooler to the hospital and after birth the nurses put the placenta in the cooler along with packs of ice and the doula picks it up from the hospital, cleans/steams/dehydrates and returns it to you in pill form in 24-48 hours).

And, let me just say, the smell, my god the smell. When you open the jar of pills. It just reeks. I don’t know if it’s bc my nose is still uber sensitive. But it smelled like iron.

And what about the effects? I don’t know if I can attribute it to the pills, but I have significantly higher levels of energy, even in the dead of the night when I’m going through the revolving door of hourly cluster feeds. It’s definitely a stimulant, so much so that I’ve found myself lowering the dosage so I’m not so revved up.

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Worth every penny. I only wish I had known to do it the first time around with Ollie too.

And look, you even get a souvenir. They give you the dried umbilical cord as a keepsake. Some say it’s lucky…

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