Big boy milestones

Lately, it feels like every weekend has been one breakthrough or another, which is crazy and awesome. This weekend, we had two.

Breakthrough #1

Public toilets! He was resistant at first, wriggling to get off and insisting, “no no no!” but once he saw the stream come out, he’d clap and say, “wow wow wow yay!” It helps that he really enjoys playing with the toilet paper, which distracts and keeps him on the toilet until he’s ready to pee. And he’d even go to the bathroom with daddy instead of me, which was awesome, because squatting down with him when I’m due in two weeks? No fun.

Breakthrough #2

Along with all this, we also finally switched to a toddler bed. At twenty five months old, he hasn’t attempted to climb out of the crib at all. He’s more than capable but just hasn’t shown an inclination to “escape”.  So I resisted the change until now bc I really didn’t want to deal with chasing after a toddler with a newfound freedom to roam the house. But lifting him in and out of the crib has been so hard on my back, I finally caved.

And yes, while he’ll get out of bed to gather more cars, he’ll also head back to bed willingly and lay himself down to sleep, without our intervention. So it hasn’t been bad at all!

He handled both changes this weekend with such aplomb that I can’t help but think, my little man is growing up so too fast. I look around his room and picture how it’s morphed from when he was just an infant and can’t help but feel nostalgic. These are the last couple weeks before we’re thrown head first into the chaos of newborn sleepless days and nights and all I could think of was, I hope he’s just like Ollie. I wouldn’t mind that at all…

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