Potty Training Update

We are now on Week 3 of Operation Bye Bye Diapers, and let me tell you, it is no easy task trying to keep your (overly) active toddler indoors for a week straight in just his undies all day long,  explaining that no, he’s no longer allowed on the sofa or anything hard to wash for the time being.

Overall though, I’m unsure whether I’d do this with #2 at two years and one month. The first week was really really tough and filled with so much doubt (is he developmentally ready?) and fear (what if this scars him??). With the worst behind us though, I do feel like it was the right time and decision for Ollie. Doing this with baby #2 in my hair would not make for an easier situation, that’s for sure.

A few notes —

Week 1

  • does not tell us “pee” and “poo” before he needs to go, accidents abound!
  • Pee: wait for him to tell us when he has to go. but mostly, pick him up and take him to the bathroom once he’s started peeing on himself and reminding him to tell us beforehand
  • Poo: surprisingly easy to make it to the toilet bc he strains to poo, so the “signs” are very easy to pick up, whereas he has no “potty dance” to alert us to when he has to pee.
  • tried cutting out diapers all together for naps and night for the first 4 days, but he’d wake up wet and shivering and won’t tell us when he needs to go. decide to focus on daytime training for now, with diapers for sleep
  • prefers the toilet (with toddler insert) to the portable potty chair
  • stay home for the entire week
  • pee in toilet: 0-1 times/day (very discouraging and tiring)
  • poo in toilet: every 5 days
  • # of accidents: 7-14 accidents/day

Week 2

  • breakthrough! starts telling us “pee” and “poo” before he needs to go
  • put him on the toilet every hour and he pees after 20 minutes of sitting
  • pees in toilet: 4-5 times/day
  • poos in toilet: every 3 days
  • # of accidents: 2-6 times/day

Week 3

  • consistently tell us “pee” and “poo” before he needs to go
  • put him on the toilet every hour and he pees within minutes of sitting — much quicker!
  • he looks down before pee comes out, i.e. he knows it’s coming
  • pee in toilet: 4-6 times/day
  • poo in toilet: every 3 days
  • # of accidents:  dramatic decline — 1-2times/day. two days with ZERO accidents!

Week 3 of running around the house in his undies. I gotta say, he seems to really be taking to being bare legged!

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