Potty Training

I always viewed potty training as this last, scary, unknown frontier, something I was naturally wary of.

I got everything —  extra crib sheet protectors, 20+ new undies, potty chair, toilet seat converter for toddlers, potty books for ollie, potty books for me, and, the creme de la creme…a peeing doll.  $46 for a stupid doll that pees? It better actually guide Ollie by the hand and get his ass on the potty… This just shows how desperate I am that this works.

I’ve read and read and now it’s just a matter of jumping in. There are so many theories and methods, it was really confusing trying to fuse and meld it all into one method that made sense. Put them on the potty every twenty minutes! Don’t make them go to the potty unless they say they need to go! Cut off all diapers at once. Tackle the day time potty then move on to naps and bedtime. It goes on and on. It actually reminds me of all the conflicting views/methods on baby sleep training.

Anyway, I tried prettying up the potty chair with stickers, which, thankfully, Ollie actually thought were cool. But did it get him to sit down on it, pants on or off? Nope. He’d point to it and say “pee pee poo poo”. And when I ask where he’s supposed to potty, he’d point to the chair. So he gets it. He just doesn’t want to do it.

My child is a willful child. He does not like to be put abruptly into new situations. He needs to be gently prodded and guided, with everything on his terms and timetable. So, we’re proceeding with caution.

Right now, we’re doing afternoons sans diapers and sometimes sans everything, i.e. bare butt. At first, he’d pee and barely have a reaction. When I whisk him to the potty chair, he had already stopped peeing and would refuse to sit down and yell NO NO NO. When he resumed playing, the pee would trickle down again. It was such a tiring exercise. And it was only a couple hours.

After a few days of this, some days without a diaper, some days I’m too tired to try, but after a few days of this, I see progress little by little. Yesterday, after peeing on himself, I pointed to the potty chair and explained that’s where he’s supposed to go pee pee and tried to sit him down, which he did, willingly and without tears (for the first time!). He didn’t sit long. He just about popped right back up. But still, it was a first!

And then as he peed on himself again, he pointed to the pee as it came out, and I explained that it was good that he’s peeing, but that he should be sitting in the potty chair. This time he sat down and didn’t move to get up. He just sat there. No pee came out. But it was progress! Little by little, I say.

Our goal is to do the 3 day method and cut him off cold turkey next weekend. We’ll see how that goes.

We have a lot of change coming up — baby #2 due in a month, a potential move, all while he’s showing signs of wanting to climb out of the crib, which means another transition (crib to toddler bed). So I’m definitely gun shy, but hey, I figure, we won’t know til we try right? Let’s hope this doesn’t scar him for life…

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