It’s amazing how fast kids grow, true. But lately, we’ve been just astonished with a toddler’s capacity to absorb and learn.

When Ollie was 21 months old,  he started gaining interest in the alphabet, with no prodding from us, which frankly took us by surprise.

And now, with a month and a half of practice, he can say just about all the letters except for an eccentric few, like J and Q, which he ignores completely and others that he’ll sound out instead, where W is “wow!” and H becomes “huhhhh”.

It’s all so sweet, especially watching the sheer joy he experiences after he calls out the letters. “Yay”s and fast clapping go hand in hand with his newfound knowledge.

And maybe it’s cause he’s my kid. But his voice? Makes me melt every time.

Watch now: ABCs

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