Hawaii 2014

For the first time, I came back from a trip feeling relaxed and refreshed instead of overwhelmed and exhausted.

And I can’t tell you if it was because the destination was a low key place versus big cities like Hong Kong and New York.

Or maybe it’s because Ollie is much bigger and more independent, at 22 months old. He was 3 months at his first Hawaii trip, 10 mos for Asia, 17 mos for NYC, 20 mos for Malibu. After each of those trips, I felt bone tired. I needed a vacay from the vacay.

Or maybe it’s because he didn’t get sick from the trip, for the first time.

Or maybe it’s because my father- and sister-in-law were there to lend extra pairs of helping hands, holding him and playing with him, especially as my belly now got in the way.

Whatever the reason, I don’t really care. I’m grateful.

He learned new words on this trip, like “seashell” and even said I love you for the first time too (altho he’s yet to repeat it a second time). We spent hours playing with the sand while everyone else went swimming and snorkeling with turtles. And he even started chasing the waves, giggling and laughing as he ran away.

For the first time since he’s been born, I stopped being a time nazi. Probably as a result of being older, Ollie has finally learned to stretch his waking hours past the point of usual comfort. He took his daily nap two, sometimes four, hours later than usual, and all without a melt down or a single tear. And the same with his bed time.

We took the drive to Hana, a three hour trip one way, not including the stops or meals along the way. This was not something I would’ve ever attempted, knowing we wouldn’t have anywhere for him to nap. But this time, I said, hell with it. Let’s do it. And guess what? He rose to the occasion and actually fell asleep in his car seat!

He even effortlessly switched to Hawaii time without my planning to. And now that we’re back home, he switched right back to California time without any effort on my part.

Seriously? Best. Trip. Ever.
Maui_mommy and me

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