Truckin’ along

Today was not an easy day.

The fatigue and nausea have been strong. But today was the first day that I had to be in the office a full 9 to 5pm in months. Not getting in a nap was hard enough. But feeling the constant need to hurl meant asking myself, how bad would it look if I had to leave the room to puke? Would they notice?

I came home and felt so used up and beaten down that I could barely get myself to move. My fitbit steps are costing more and more these days. And the need to hurl? Hasn’t abated much at all. Morning to night.

Sometimes I think, we had such a good system going, it was so easy. Why did I go and mess it all up?! It does help to remind myself that this phase is temporary and in one short month, over.

It also helps that CS has taken it upon himself to free me of Ollie’s insistent desire to be held. It’s not easy battling nausea when you’ve got a toddler wriggling his arms and legs against your stomach.

It’s one day at a time at this point…

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