First stomach virus

Ollie has never been a big drooler. And, yes, while he did spit up quite a bit in the early infant months, once that went away, it was not something I thought much about.

So when he got the stomach flu this last week, my God, I could not believe the way that vomit spewed out of his mouth. It was so foreign and utterly repulsive to hear the gurgling and moments later, see it coming out.  But the sheer velocity of the flying liquid that landed on our clothes, his hair, the floor, our toes, well it was also kind of impressive. But also, nasty nasty nasty. I thought the movies exaggerated the projectile vomit, but no, oh no no, this is reality, my friends.

And it was three days of this, vomiting anything he put down, which wasn’t much as it was. Add to that another 4 days of diarrhea.  It was a full week of liquid coming out both ends. Diarrhea doesn’t do it justice though, because it wasn’t just runny poop. It was two diapers full of this wet mass; every time it happened, it would leak out of every opening, from the top to the legs.

Oh and let’s not forget the 101.3 fever. And his complete lethargy, so weak, but not too weak to shriek at the top of his lungs when I’d try to put him down to give my arms a rest. And the days off work because there was no way I could leave him in that state.

But there was a silver lining. He needed to be held, non stop. And only by mama. So while my arms were crazy crazy tired, it was also really nice getting this cuddling time in. He would just sink into my arms and lean in, kind of droopy, like it took too much energy to even be awake. And he would be tired an hour after waking, his eyes fluttering, wanting to sleep. I’d lay next to him while he napped in our bed, so I could keep a closer eye on him in case he threw up. Even while he’s sick, watching him sleep is one of the simple joys of my life.

Before we realized how contagious Khloe was…

Before stomach virus

His last meal before he caught the virus too

Before virus

And now, he’s on the mend. Hallelujah. We didn’t hear laughs or see smiles til day 6. But it was like he rediscovered his hands and started clapping for no reason at all!

after stomach virus

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