17 months

Last month was the hardest month I’ve had with Ollie since he was an infant. The way he’d fuss! And by that, I mean the way he’d throw tantrums over any little thing and chuck anything in his way when he was mad — bottles, books, cars, you name it. And then he’d be so conflicted. Because he’s pissed, but he wants to be held. So what does he do? He scratches, no, he claws at my face and my eyes, to show just how much he’s mad. And if I try to put him down? Then he’ll shriek and refuse to set his feet down on the ground, clinging on for dear life.

So yes, I was very happy when his wonder week leap was over and I got my sweet boy back again. What else is new besides that nasty fussy period? Let’s see…

Teeth: Remember last month when he was drooly and super cranky in NYC? Well, the lil’ guy almost has a full set of teeth now! In one month, he went from 8 teeth to 14. His bottom molars and his top/bottom canines are in. It’s amazing how they all cropped up in the span of one month!

Eating: And remember how I was worried about him getting enough veggies in his diet? Well, he’s added chard and broccoli to his repertoire this past month. When he ate more and more of the chard, I literally teared. And the broccoli, he thought it was the funniest thing, watching me eat it, so he wanted some for himself.  And yesterday, I made zoodles (zucchini noodles) and guess who slurped it all right up? This guy (and his daddy) couldn’t get enough of it! And the fruits this summer! When he wakes from his nap, he usually snacks on the sweet summery goodness of sun ripened strawberries, juicy peaches, and watermelons. Remember how sad the fruit options were in the winter? Man I love this season!

Social awareness: We’ve been spending more time with my family, which means Ollie’s surrounded by his cousins on the weekends. He watches them so closely and it’s the cutest thing ever seeing how much more aware he is of other kids.

Motor skills: He’s really taken to climbing. Before, whether at Gymboree or parks, he’d have no real interest in the structures. But now, he goes through and explores each one and does things I didn’t know he could do, like walk on a curved bridge at an incline, or hold the rails while he walks on those criss- cross nylon ropes or go down the slide by himself.

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