Breaking the cycle with chard

So it’s been a long time, a good month or two, since Ollie’s eaten like he used to. He stopped eating the oatmeal. He spit out anything with texture. He’d graze at dinner, if he’d eat anything at all. Many nights he’d go to bed with only some fruit or milk in his belly.

I’ve gotten used to offering him food only to have him push it back out of his mouth, which is disheartening. I spent so much time offering him new foods and flavors with all the purees to open his palate, only to see how picky he’s become. The only thing he’s been pretty open with is fruits (kiwis, strawberries, watermelons, no problem).

So last night, when I offered a bowl of rice and steamed egg, I fully anticipated that this bowl will go uneaten like dinners of nights past. But this time, he took big bites, he chewed, and looked to me for more. And so, wanting to push my luck, I gave him some sautéed swiss chard. And what do you know? Not only did he chew and swallow instead of taste and spit out, he asked for more! I literally teared up.

The little things, my friends. The little things.

Our garden has been growing like gangbusters, so I’m glad he’s enjoying the backyard-to-table goodies. Guess what we’re gonna have again for dinner tonight? 🙂swisschard

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