Our First Standoff

I knew a day like this would come. I just had no idea it would come so early. He just turned one, for goodness’ sake.

Today, we wasted over TWO HOURS on our standoff,  neither of us wanting to back down.  I have to say that Ollie’s resolve was surprising and frankly, a bit impressive.

But I am happy to report that it’s Mommy 2 – Ollie 0 (for now).

Ollie’s taken to chucking things on the ground when he’s not happy. But with this newfound understanding of the world, he gets what’s right and what’s wrong now. He knows when he does something he’s not supposed to. So when he threw his bottle on the ground, I stopped our play, explaining that he had to first retrieve it. This is something he’s done before, understanding that it’s not ok to throw things. He understands. But today, he was especially stubborn.

As you can see, the bottle wasn’t the only thing he threw…


We spent an hour going back and forth. He’d want to play. He’d come over and nestle his head on my lap. He’d want to be held. He’d want to sit on my lap. But I’d just point and say “pick up the milk”. And he’d cry.


Then he’d walk away. And come back and repeat. After an hour of this, he finally caved.

Picking up the bottle.


See that look of resignation on his face?


He brought over the bottle with the sweetest smile ever and gave me a big hug with lots of giggles.


And I thought, good. I hope he learned his lesson.

But then, literally 10 minutes later, he hurled my phone to the ground (which meant I didn’t have anything to capture for part two of the standoff). He spent another hour alternating between crying hysterically and wanting my attention. At the end of his rope (and frankly, ours), he finally gave in and picked it up and handed it to me.

It was exhausting. And he was near hyperventilating. On top of the emotional drain of watching your kid cry and cry and cry and wondering if this battle’s important enough to fight for two hours, it’s also just really hard doing all this after a long day of work. At that point, all you want is to spend some sweet quality time with your kid. You don’t want the short time together to be spent telling him that crying isn’t going to help, that he needs to do the right thing, and refusing to play until he acquiesces. Because, you really want to play too! Discipline is just not high on the list at 7pm on a weeknight.


Let’s just hope we don’t have an encore performance tomorrow…

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