16 months

Ollie is 1 year 4 months old!

What’s new?

Teething. Ollie’s normally great with teething, so much so, I often don’t even notice when it’s happening because he’s not very fussy and doesn’t really drool much in general. But this time around, goodness gracious! Four at a time (upper canines and lower molars), it’s no joke. This started on our NYC trip, which means it’s been going on for two weeks now. These molars just seem to inch its way up. This sucks, because he’s old enough now where he’ll point to his teeth while he’s crying so there’s no doubt what the problem is. And, man, I gotta tell you, watching these guys poke its way through? It is pretty disgusting. It’s like a crater in his gums. Yuck. So now we’re at 12 teeth!

Sleeping. His afternoon nap (12:30-2:30pm) is pretty solid and predictable, no change. What HAS been interesting is his wake up time creeping earlier and earlier. It was 7am then 6:45am then 6:30am. And since I can’t think of a good reason for our whole family to be up that early, I shifted his schedule to an 8pm bedtime, so that he’ll sleep in a little later (7am). That means my little guy has finally given up his 12 hours of sleep a night. I know kids need less sleep as they get older, but it really feels so unbelievable that it’s already starting to happen…

Eating: He went through a two week strike where he wouldn’t touch his daily oatmeal breakfast and would basically only snack and not eat whole meals. It was worrisome, but I’ve got my little guy back. He eats with gusto again, and in fact, with more gusto than I’ve ever seen. I do worry about him getting enough veggies now that he’s off purees. He doesn’t like trying new things, and is in fact quite suspicious of new foods. Although, we’ve found that if he sees us eating it and enjoying it, he’ll eventually put it in his own mouth for a taste. Very promising. Slow and steady.

Personality: He went through a month where he’d absolutely refuse to wear hats. This has been problematic as his daily walks and trips to the park have resulted in a chapped and sunburnt face quite a few times. No amount of sunblock can prevent the fierceness of the afternoon sun, it seems. But alas, he finally likes wearing hats again, or at least tolerates us putting one on him, hah. 🙂

Separation Anxiety. We started seeing improvements last month, but I couldn’t tell if it was a temporary change. It’s been over a month now, so I’ll finally call it. He won’t cry when a stranger looks or tries to talk to him. But this doesn’t mean he’ll let them hold him just yet. He does enjoy playing with new people tho. He’ll stand and tilt his whole head and play peek a boo while giggling up a storm. And, gasp, he’s also recently been known to let someone other than mama and baba hold him!

Talking. The amount of words he speaks is so little, that I’m starting to worry. I mean, his comprehension is great. I can ask him to pick something up or bring something to me or open and close things. So he gets it. But what he actually says verbally is so little in comparison. I’ve read that over the next month or two, he should start to speak more and more words. I guess I’ll hold my horses and wait to get my panties in a bunch until then.

Overall? It’s crazy to see him learn and grow — like how he’s understanding more and more what we’ say and listening when we tell him not to do something (like playing with the trash can) and learning patience. Sometimes I sit back and watch him and really can’t believe how tall he is, how mobile he is, and how truly sweet he is. Parenthood is amazing.

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