Mother’s Day 2014

I was going to start the post with Happy Mother’s Day, but decided I had to be honest.

I was going to post a picture of me and Ollie, but we didn’t get to take any.

And, this, really was the crux of the problem. Today just didn’t feel like it was my day. Today wasn’t a very happy Mother’s Day.

Today was… How do I put this? What is the right word to describe it?… Lonely. Yes, that captures it. Ollie, bless him, was amazing. He’s going through a tough time with his cold and his molars coming in, but he’s been so so sweet.

And, I told myself, this is what motherhood is all about anyway right? Understanding what’s truly important. Understanding that days like today shouldn’t be necessary because I should know how much I’m appreciated. Understanding I should be grateful for having such an amazing family.

It’s just that sometimes, it’s nice to feel like you’re doing something right and someone appreciates you. I get that CS is preoccupied.  I get that he’s got a lot on his plate, on his mind. I should be more understanding.

But today was crummy.

There’s just no getting around that.

Oh well.

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